2 year milestone: Elders in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and The United Kingdom are now sit dancing to their hearts content. 

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'Sitdance Downunder' trailer:

A Sitdance programme filmed in the Outback of Australia (released 2016). Available as Download/Streaming option or 4-DVD set

Dancing is one of the great joys of life.  Our elders remember dancing to their hearts content when they were young. They can do so again with an appropriate designed repertoire.

Sitdance offers effective dances that stimulate memory, change moods, and move body and soul. It is more than just exercise. It is dance! Dance makes us feel human (again). Sitdance is based on three unique core concepts that sets it apart from other programmes.

Sitdance Downunder is a complete dance course, ready to implement. It has a robust pedagogy (teaching methodology). It is a cost effective resource for lifestyle and activities staff. High- and lowcare residents, and those living dementia enjoy Sitdance Downunder. No prior training needed. The course has been designed so it can be implemented without prior training. Just 'push play' and dance way! Have a Ball!

Sitdance Dowunder is available on DVD in Australia and New Zealand. From 1 August 2017 'Sitdance Downunder' will be also available for streaming and downloading, and thus available to anyone in the world.

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Free tutorial + dance

This is a free sample from the Sitdance Downunder programme. It is the iconic Australian song Waltzing Matilda. If you have streaming capabilities, you can try this dance with your participants. Please note that doing this dance to a different musical version will not work due to tempo and musical structure differences. 


'Dance to Remember' trailer:

A dementia specific Sitdance course (released 2017).

 That music benefits our elders with dementia is well documented. ‘Dance to Remember’ offers additional benefits by getting participants to dance and socialise at the same time.

Sitdance selects popular songs, makes meaningful choreographies that express the lyrics, and films video tutorials on relevant locations. This holistic and integrated approach provides auditory, visual, and physical stimulation that moves body and soul.

Meaningful and known movements engage cellular memory in the muscles. This reduces the reliance on brain memory, enabling elders with dementia to participate. The especially composed music functions as a non-verbal memory support.

‘Dance to Remember’ is a course consisting of multiple sessions that build skills and confidence with time. The thorough pedagogical approach enables participant to learn. “Contrary to what one might expect, I have witnessed people with dementia remembering new Sitdances after a few sessions”, says Marcel.

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‘Rhythm Beat (dementia) Blues’ trailer:

A 2-hour training with creator Marcel Baaijens.

Rhythm is first experienced in the womb and one of the last memories to go. It is a non-verbal ‘language’ we can use to connect and interact with people with advanced dementia, especially at a time when verbal communication is diminishing. Applied as a simple dance the technique activates voice, body and soul.

Music and songs provide a structure and lifts spirits. Simple hand dances provide physical connection, a meaningful occupation of time and expression to music. ‘Rhythm Beat (dementia) Blues’ is beneficial to both giver and receiver. It will bring joy to family visits and caring situations.

The ‘Rhythm Beat (dementia) Blues’ technique combines principles of Base Stimulation, Holistic Pulsing, and Sitdance to effectively establish human interactions and meaningful connections. It is person-centred, intuitive, and easy to learn.

A 2-hour workshop with creator Marcel Baaijens will teach you the ‘Rhythm Beat (dementia) Blues’ principles and empower you to put the technique into practice. Workshops are available on request. To request a workshop or find out if one is held contact Marcel or the Sitdance Facebook page.

A demonstration session:


Sitdance Courses

Sitdance produces professional DVD and online resources that enable activities staff to implements Sitdance. For more about features, content, costs, and purchase options click here.

Benefits of Sitdance

Sitdance brings participants to life, lets them reminisce, socialise, express emotions, feel good about themselves, feel whole and human, connect with others, and it is an enjoyable form of physical exercise of course. Click here to read more.

3 Core Concepts that work

'Meaningful movements', 'expecting 100% participation', and 'creative adaptations' are the three unique core concepts that sets it apart from other programmes, particularly from those that are only exercise focussed.  Click here to read more.

Free tutorial + dance

This is a full tutorial and dance sample from the Sitdance Downunder programme. It is the iconic Australian song Waltzing Matilda. If you have streaming capabilities, you can try this dance with your participants. Please note that doing this dance to a different musical version will not work due to tempo and musical structure differences. Click here to view the sample.

A session with Marcel 

SQ_02'Sitdance with Marcel' is a great entertainment activity for your residents. It is a unique opportunity for lifestyle staff to see the master in action. Click here to read more.

Professional Development Day

The DVDs are effective ‘push play and dance’ tools. However, much more can be achieved when teaching sitdance in person. Professional development training with creator Marcel Baaijens will enable you to take sitdance to the next level by maximizing the potential built into the programmes. Click here to read more.

Independent Research

Sasha-Beth Wong from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland conducted independent research in 2013. Her research found that Sitdance is as effective as standing exercise, improves fitness and moods, and support the use of sitdance. Click here to read more.

Creator Marcel Baaijens

 Marcel Baaijens (MSc, M.A.A.E., LVB Cert.) is a holistic, professional , dance and art educator with over 30 years of international experience. He is the creator, producer and presenter of Sitdance. Click here to read more. 

'Sitdance means a lot to us'

A short testimonial from a Diversional Therapist in New Zealand, who has used Sitdance since 1988! Click on the image to start the video.

'The Empty Teacup Party'

What happens when you have had too much tea? A fun 2-minute video filmed in Perth, Australia and produced by Sitdance. Click on the image to start the video.

The making of Waltzing Matilda'

A short video about the recording of music, and filming of the dance for Waltzing Matilda. Click on the image to start the video.

Sitdance on National TV (4:00)

In 1989, some six months after Sitdance was born, Television New Zealand made this lovely TV-item. Sitdance went viral throughout New Zealand and made it a national success. Marcel still had red hair, oh and the infamous legwarmers that were so fashionable in those day. Click on the image to start the video.