Sitdance and its creator Marcel Baaijens have been on an incredible journey.

Read the story and view the videos below.

How it all began:

Sitdance on TV in New Zealand (1989) 4:09 min.

Six months after Sitdance was launched in 1988 it appeared on national television in New Zealand. A wonderful crew filmed an afternoon tea dance for 200 elders from the Wellington region. They had a blast, and so did I. The TV crew also filmed at Sprot House in Wellington, one of the many resthomes where I taught weekly Sitdance sessions.

Having Fun:

50 Cousins Sitdance in Amsterdam:

Fifty of Marcel's maternal cousins (yes, he has more), sitdanced to their hearts content during their reunion.  They got together one Sunday in a cousin's cafe in Amsterdam. It had been 13 years since the last reunion, but that does not stop them from having an instant party.

Keep an eye out for a Romanian spectator you could not resist to join in. This video shows you don't have to be an elder to enjoy Sitdance. A big thank you to all my cousins and my accordeonist friend Martien Caspers.

Filmed in Amsterdam, 2017.

The Empty Teacup Party:

I was keen to record elders singing one of their favourite songs for a Sitdance. We tried, but singing for fun and singing for a microphone are two different things. In the end the pressure was too much and I had to abandon my attempt. Too much tea does not help either. 

But I had barely packed away my recording equipment when they spontaneously started to sing. Luckily I had my iPhone handy to capture the moment. In the end they got their moment of fame.

Filmed in Perth, Australia, 2016.