‘A session with Marcel’

What is it?

SQ_Marcel_wupMarcel personally offers s i t d a n c e sessions in aged care facilities and for community groups. Sessions are 45 minutes long, I allow for 1 hour. They are suitable for all levels, including participants with dementia. Fees are from $80 depending on distance. Contact Marcel to find out when he will be in your area.

See for yourself


'Sitdance with Marcel' is a great way to experience the effectiveness of a session before investing in DVDs or professional development training for your staff. 



Bookings can be made directly with Marcel through the contact form. Marcel has has Liability insurance, an ABN, and completed the National Criminal History check by the Australian Police
. Payments can be made in cash, direct credit, or credit card.

Session preparation

Please have all participants ready for the  s i t d a n c e session before Marcel arrives. Offer participants upright chairs when possible, such as dining chairs. Wheelchairs are O.K. too. Arrange the chairs in a horseshoe shape with a chair for Marcel in the opening of the horseshoe. Marcel provides his own powerless, sound system.