sitdance on TV

This TV-segment about sitdance was made by Television New Zealand in 1989 and featured twice on 'The Holmes Show'.


became an overnight


sitdance became almost an overnight hit really. It was first offered to one resthome in the Wellington area. Within six months more than three hundred elderly were enjoying sitdance.

They were invited to an afternoon tea dance in a local hall, organised by Marcel Baaijens. The participants had a grand old time.

a grand old time

Everybody could now see how many elderly had been reintroduced to dance. Two hundred people attended, and so did the TV cameras. 

After the screening on TV, sitdance was in high demand nation-wide. This prompted the development of a professional development training for aged-care professionals.

professional development



 This training was rolled out nation-wide in New Zealand and also in parts of New South Wales, Australia. The training empowers aged-care professionals to implement sitdance independently.

Now, some 25 years later, sitdance is still popular with those that embraced it back then. They can look forward to a new DVD with especially created new music and new choreographies.

new DVD

'sitdance downunder'

The DVD will be titled ‘sitdance downunder’ and has been filmed in the outback of Australia. Those new to sitdance will find the new DVD a great starting point.