Professional Development Training Details

Professional Development Training in Sitdance is delivered in 2 stages:

  1. Sitdance Foundation Module (3 hours)
  2. Dance Modules (1.5 hours)

1.  Sitdance Foundation Module (highly recommended) : a pedagogy for inclusion and success


  1. Develop successful and dementia inclusive Sitdance sessions
  2. Develop understanding of Sitdance structures and teaching stages
  3. Develop effective dementia friendly verbal and non-verbal Sitdance teaching techniques
  4. Understand the 3 core principals that are the foundation for Sitdance.

Learning Outcomes:  By the end of the Sitdance Foundation Module students should be able to:

  • Conduct successful Sitdance Sessions
  • Understand Sitdance structures and Sitdance teaching stages
  • Effectively teach Sitdance using verbal and non-verbal techniques
  • Safely assist participants
  • Understand the core principles of Sitdance
  • Be ready to learn individual sitdances.

Duration 3 hours

Printed course notes included

Assessed and certified.


2. Dances Module (not compulsory):

All Sitdance Downunder dances are taught in one module.

Goals for each dance:

  1. Learn movements in detail for precise execution
  2. Understand dance structurse and teaching stages
  3. Learn to make reative adaptations to foster inclusion

Learning outcomes: Participants will be able to

  • Teach dances in person without the need for DVDs
  • Analise dances stages
  • Teach dances in stages
  • Create adaptations to facilitate inclusion for participants with a variety of circumstances, such as stokes and dementia

Duration 90 Minutes.

Printed course notes included.

Assessed and certified.

Modules 1 and 2 can be combined in a one-day training.

Future Sitdances can be learned online, after successfully completing the Sitdance Foundation Module.


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