3 Core Concepts that work:

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Meaningful Movements


Every dance has a rhythm, every rhythm has a movement, and every movement has a purpose. Rhythm, movement and purpose are interconnected. Dance allows for cultural expression. Exercise may be beneficial but it is seldom meaningful. The interconnectedness in sitdance becomes a motivation for participation. Click here to read more.


Expect 100% Participation


In the DVDs I say "I will do the dances as good as I can", and "I will be giving my 100%". In return I expect participants to do it as good as they can, and give their 100% no matter how little that may be. This means that I encourage and challenge them, but at the same time I accept any form or level of participation. Click here for more.

Creative Adaptations


The DVDs attempt to suit as many participants as possible, but one size never fits all. Each participant brings along a unique set of conditions. Ignore such condition and he or she will use the condition as an excuse to not participate. But, meet a participant's needs by developing a creative adaptation of a dance and or she will feel validated and empowered to participate. Click here for more.

Photos: A water bore in the Outback, Northern Territory, Australia

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