One Day Professional Development Training

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The DVDs are designed as a ‘push play and dance’ tool for aged-care sector and are a fantastic start. However, a person can do so much more. Professional development training with creator Marcel Baaijens will enable you to take sitdance to the next level by maximizing the potential built into the sitdance programme. It will improve the quality of the dance sessions and the participation rates. Attendees will be eligible to purchase the CDs that will enable them to offer sessions in person, without DVDs.

What is it?


Topics covered are:

1. Critical success factors

2. How to teach sitdance in person 

3. How to teach dementia inclusive 

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For Whom?


The training is intended for aged care professionals and volunteers, and those working with the elderly in community settings. Since sitdance is being used in other sectors as well, training is available to anyone wishing to use sitdance in other sectors.

No matter who you will be using sitdance with, it will be a fun day because if you will enjoy the training you will pass that enjoyment on to your participants. After all, joy is one of the best holistic medicines around.



Professional development trainings are available for groups of 6  or more people. Trainings are scheduled by Marcel Baaijens or on demand and are in principle offered anywhere. It may possible to attend trainings through Skype. Fees depend on locality and number of participants present. If you are interested in attending a professional development training or organise one then please contact sitdance through the contact form.

Photos: traditional costumes, Pontos, Greece.

© Marcel Baaijens