Independent Research

Sasha-Beth Wong (BSc hons Applied Sport Science) from the University of Edinburgh conducted independent research in 2013. Her findings support the use of sitdance as an effective form of physical activity.

improves fitness

Her research found that it is of sufficient exercise intensity to induce improvements in physical fitness and mood in healthy older adults.

sitdance was found to be of significantly higher intensity than sedentary activity and of non-significantly lower intensity than standing forms of exercise.

as effective
standing exercise

These findings mean that one should encourage healthy older adults to participate in regular physical activity and to not be discouraged if they are unable or afraid of standing.

A lack of participation in physical activity can cause many problems. Physical activities such as sitdance, should be encouraged, as they may prevent many such problems from arising.

they may dislike exercise

but love to dance

sitdance is a valid substitute for traditional forms of exercise, especially for those that do not enjoy ‘exercise’, or lack the confidence and/or ability for such movements or have a fear of falling.


It is wonderful to have this independent research confirm that sitdance is a beneficial activity. Many thanks to Sasha-Beth Wong (BSc hons Applied Sport Science) from the University of Edinburgh for allowing sitdance to use her research findings.

The full research findings can be found here.