Creator Marcel Baaijens

Marcel Baaijens (MSc, M.A.A.E., LVB Cert.) is a professional dance teacher, choreographer, art educator, researcher, documentary maker, designer, and artist. He has over 30 years of international experience in dance and art education. He is a Dutch-New Zealander, who works globally.

created sitdance

He was born in The Netherlands in where he studied architecture at the Technical University of Delft (MSc) and trained as an 'international folk dance' teacher with the Landelijk Centrum Volksdans (LVB Cert.) in Amsterdam. 

He moved to New Zealand in 1988 where he began working in the community dance sector. In the same year he created sitdance. He has worked with community groups, dance schools, the New Zealand School of Dance, disability groups and the aged care sector. In 2015 he moved to Australia where he produced new Sitdance programmes, and now lives in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands.

trained aged care professionals nation-wide

He introduced sitdance to the rest homes in the Wellington area and trained aged care professionals nation-wide to enable them to implement sitdance independently. Later he studied art education at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago (M.A.A.E.). 

He specialised in working with artists with intellectual disabilities and autism. He pioneered art programmes for people with intellectual disabilities in Chicago, U.S.A and Wellington New Zealand at community and tertiary levels. He conducted research into an inclusive tertiary art education methodology and pioneered the first fully inclusive tertiary art education programme in the world.

dedicated to sitdance

He now dedicates himself full-time to sitdance, developing new sitdances, DVD resources, and training.