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  • This video course enabled Activity Coordinators to implement Sitdance Downunder
  • No training needed, all expertise is in the video
  • Safe to use, checked by a physiotherapist for suitability.

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DVD format:

+ Known technology

- Can get lost or damaged

- One location at a time use only

- DVDs are old technology

- Plus shipping cost.

Download format:

+ Digitally stored

+ Multiple locations use

+ Can stream into rooms/lounges

+ No shipping costs. 

- Downloading can take time (see tips)

- Need to have storage device + screen (see tips).


Session are 30 minutes long.

Sessions contain tutorials (without music), dances with instructions, dances with short cues, and reviews of dances.

Session build on each other. Subtle progression enables residents to learn effortlessly.

Dance list:

  1. Warming-up Dance, La raspa, Mexico
  2. How do you dootee?, Australia
  3. Jan Pierewiet, Netherlands
  4. Music Box, Australia
  5. Manx Lullaby, Isle of Man
  6. Nigun Atik, Israel
  7. Waltzing Mathilda, Australia

Full preview one tutorial + dance 5:49:


Sitdance Downunder Trailer 3.00:


Dancing is one of the great joys of life. Our elders remember 'dancing to their hearts content' when they were young. They can do so again with an appropriate designed programme.

Sitdance choreograps meaningful movements that relate to lyrics and or the essence of a piece of traditional music. Tutorials are filmed in the Outback of Australia. This holistic and integrated approach provides auditory, visual, and physical stimulation that activates voice, body, and soul. Meaningful and known movements engage cellular memory in the muscles. This reduces the reliance on brain memory, enabling those with early stages of dementia to participate.

Have a Ball!

The making of Waltzing Matilda 4:53 min.

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