Please note:

Sitdance Downunder in DVD format has sold out in New Zealand. However it is now available in download/streaming formats.

Released March 2016.

This 4-DVD resource is a complete Sitdance course. Suitable for low care, high care residents, and those in the early stages of dementia. It consists of 15 preprogrammed dance sessions of 30 minutes each. Manual selection  available. It can be played directly to participants. DVDs are stocked in Australia only, but downloads are expected to be available from 7 July 2017. Visit the shop to purchase.

Released 1 July 2017

This dementia specific course builds on the success of Sitdance Downunder. It is liked by elders with and without dementia. Popular songs, meaningful choreographies that relate to the lyrics, and familiar movements that engage cellular or muscle memory, rather than brain memory, will enable those with dementia to participate. It will be available as downloads/streaming formats. Go to the shop to purchase the right license for your purpose.


Available 2018

This international celtic collection will be filmed in various celtic nations, making it a Sitdance and armchair travel programme in one.

Available 2019

Evocative world music and dances from a variety of countries will be filmed on location of origin.