The benefits of Sitdance are numerous. Some will be evident during a first session, some over time after regular sessions. First and foremost Sitdance is a social and fun activity with many physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits.

dance sitting down

Sitdance is dance sitting down. It is designed for those who do not have the confidence or ability to stand, or have a fear of falling. When participants feel secure in their chair they can participate without fear of falling.

Independent Research found that Sitdance is as effective as standing exercise. 


memory support

The music becomes a memory support for the actions.

Physical movements are not just stored in the brain, but also in the muscle or cellular memory, enabling people with dementia to participate.


The elderly remember dancing to their hearts content when they were young. Engaging in a dance activity brings back memories. 

physical activity for those that do not enjoy ‘exercise’

Sitdance is also designed for those that do not enjoy ‘exercise’. When movements are meaningful and done to stimulating music, participants are more likely to engage in a physical activity. 

Sitdance helps with maintaining fitness, muscle toning, coordination, orientation, and memory just like exercise. However dance is more than exercise. 

nurtures the soul

Sitdance has added benefits of improving self-esteem, encouraging social interaction, self-expression, and allows for emotional release. Dance can change moods and lift spirits. It soothes and nurtures participants’ souls.

builds community

Sitdance is a group activity, no partners are required. Research has shown that he heart rates of people who sing and dance together, align. This creates a sense of connectedness, belonging, and thus builds a sense of community.

Have a ball !!!