Concept 1: meaningful movements

Every dance has a rhythm, every rhythm has a movement, and every movement has a purpose. Rhythm, movement and purpose are interconnected. Exercise may be beneficial but it is seldom meaningful. The interconnectedness in sitdance becomes a motivation for participation.


Exercises may be four of this and four that movement, making it more an exercise in counting. Music may be added but there is often no connection with the movements other than the music provides a tempo. Instructors are often still counting out loud over the music. In sitdance one can do away with instructions after a while once one has become familiar with the music as the music supports the movements.


The movements are done to specific music that has a tempo and a melody. Melodies resonate with our emotions. Behind the emotions are stories that mean something to us. This meaning, be it conscious or subconscious, enables one to relate the movements to o ones lives, to ones lived experiences, to ones personal and common stories. When this happens a dance emerges.


Feedback from participants such as “I like this dance”, I feel really pretty when I do this dance”, or I remember doing such and such”, are all indicators that the dance connected with the participant.

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